Ben Kammerling

Web Developer

Hi there, I'm Ben.

I create beautiful and semantically sound websites for me and you to enjoy. I believe the web should be without prejudice, whether you are on a phone, a tablet, a phablet (phone-tablet merge) or some other device, you should see the same delightful site as someone with a new 84" monitor

The Web Makes Me Happy

I am lucky in that I do what I enjoy. Designing these online experiences that people will use and love, I can in turn make them happy.

People Make Me Happy

This is what sets me apart. As well as being a super geek, I'm confident, approachable and can get along with anyone. And I love dogs.

Adam Kammerling

This site was developed for a poet brother. It gives him a place to display his work, and others a place to find out a little bit more about him.

  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Wordpress Backend
  • PHP
  • Responsive Design
Cycle On view site

The purpose of CycleOn was to create something that can assist cyclists by finding an appropriate route that is both fast and without any sweat inducing inclines. It was designed for mobile first and is fully responsive.

  • jQuery
  • Google Maps API
  • HTML5 incl. Local Storage and Geolocation
  • Fully Responsive

A freelance project developing purely the front end of the expense management web app in HTML, CSS and jQuery with Bootstrap. Also went on to build the front end of the mobile application using the same web technologies (which was later published on Android and iOS).

  • Fully Responsive Web App
  • Bootstrap CSS & Javascript Components
  • Freelance with frequent Skype catch-ups
  • Mobile App with Web Languages
John Kelly

This was a freelance project. John asked for a site to showcase his antique jewellery collection with the potential to sell from the site in the future.

  • WordPress Backend
  • Custom Widgets
  • eCommerce Capable
  • Fully Responsive
  • LESS & Lots of PHP!
1st Class Hns

For a degree in BSc Digital Media Development. Skills developed include:

  • Web Design and Development in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP
  • Multimedia & Game Development in Flash with AS3
  • Mobile App Development in Java
  • Digital Marketing

Effortless Sites

Taking PSDs from the designer, I would develop first-rate sites using CSS3 and LESS. With my experience on Wordpress, I was the go-to guy for clients that requested it.

I would also collaborate with the lead developer on the more complex site development using JavaScript.

Smarter Shows

Working with the marketing team, I create and maintain huge websites and mobile apps for their 10+ exhibitions/conferences, allowing content editors simple access via the MODX CMS.

Languages I worked with include AngularJS, Sass and PHP. Also used Git for all projects.

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